Shenzhen Airlines

With Air China and Shenzhen International Total Logistics (Shenzhen) Co, Ltd as its major shareholders, Shenzhen Airlines focuses on business of passenger, cargo and mail transportation. Its flight network covers major cities in China and extends to Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Thailand and Singapore. Having matured in the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone, Shenzhen Airlines is deeply rooted in Shenzhen, constructing "air corridors" to facilitate the city's international trade and cultural exchanges. Apart from its own development, Shenzhen Airlines voluntarily engages its social responsibility and serves the community with gratitude. Thus the company is widely regarded as a "Shining Name Card of Shenzhen". Book a flight with Shenzhen Airlines.

Chen Zhiyong

Chen Zhiyong born in 1963, graduated from Civil Aviation Flight University of China major in Flight Technology.

Mr. Chen joined China Southwest Airlines in 1982 as a pilot. In 1997, he took the position of Head of Chengdu Pilot Division and later became Head of Flight Technology Management Department.

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