Air China

Its operational headquarters is in Beijing, a major domestic and international hub in China. It also provides airline-related services, including aircraft maintenance, ground handling services in Beijing, Chengdu, and other locations. As of June 31, 2017, the Group operated a fleet of 628 aircraft with an average age of 6.53 years, while the Company operated a fleet of 385 aircraft with an average age of 6.57 years. Passenger traffic routes have reached 408, including 106 international, 15 regional and 287 domestic routes. The Company’s network covered 39 countries and regions globally and 184 cities, including 66 international, 3 regional and 115 domestic cities. Through the Star Alliance, the Company’s route network extends to 1,307 destinations in 191 countries. Air China was listed on Hong Kong Stock Exchange and London Stock Exchange on December 15, 2004 under codes 00753 and AIRC respectively. On August 18, 2006, Air China was listed on Shanghai Stock Exchange under code 601111. For further details, please visit Air China’s website: Book a flight with Air China.

Cai Jianjiang

Mr. Cai Jianjiang, aged 44. Mr. Cai graduated from China Civil Aviation Institute. Mr. Cai was appointed as General Manager of Shenzhen Airlines Company Limited in 1999.

He joined Air China International Corporation in 2001 as a General Manager of its Shanghai Branch, and subsequently as Assistant to the President and Manager of the Marketing Department of Air China International Corporation. After the restructuring of China's civil aviation industry in October 2002, he was appointed as the Vice President of Air China International Corporation, and has served as Vice President of Air China Limited since September 2004. In February 2007, he was promoted to the President of Air China Limited, a post he continues to hold.

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