Croatia Airlines

Croatia Airlines is a full-service carrier that provides domestic and international air passenger and cargo transport services. It also provides aircraft maintenance and professional training of aviation personnel. In its more than 27 years of operations the company has been recognized by its passengers for flight safety, quality of services and professional staff. As a flag carrier, Croatia Airlines significantly contributes to the development of Croatian tourism considering that, on an annual basis, one third of all tourists arriving to Croatia by plane fly Croatia Airlines. For further information please visit

Kresimir Kucko

Kresimir Kucko was elected Croatia Airlines President and Chief Executive Officer in September, 2012.

In this capacity, Mr. Kucko has played a key role in positioning Croatia Airlines as the leading airline in the region and has helped the company adjust to challenges in the industry, contributing enormously to the completion of major successful projects within the airline, such as organizational restructuring.

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