Frankfurt, May 13, 2017  -

Star Alliance returned to the place of its birth, Frankfurt, to celebrate its 20th anniversary of connecting people and cultures with many festive activities taking place in Frankfurt and member carriers' homelands.

On May 14th, the Alliance’s Chief Executive Board, comprising the CEOs of all 28 member airlines, held its summer board meeting in Frankfurt, during which the CEOs were briefed on the progress of the Alliance’s current business plan and future digital strategy that will enhance the travel experience of Alliance customers through introduction to exclusive benefits to the Alliance. As one example,  now members in any Star Alliance FFP can claim their missing miles online, even when the miles are earned through a flight on another Star Alliance member carrier.

For a full news release about Star Alliance new strategy, enhanced services, and management team structure, visit this link.

As part of the festivities, Star Alliance launched a global online "Mileage Millionaire" Competition inspired by the anniversary theme of "Connecting People and Cultures". This offers 21 winners a million miles (or equivalent) prize in one of the Alliance's 21 FFPs. To learn more about the competition, visit our competition page.

Star Alliance 20th anniversary campaign is also supported by many local activities and pop-up events taking place in many locations and airports; for example, customers visiting one of the six Star Alliance Branded Lounges will receive small gifts and experience special menus celebrating the world's cultures and flavors.


--Mohamed El Hageen