ANA supports relief effort for Kumamoto earthquake

As part of its commitment to provide humanitarian cooperation and support worldwide, ANA Group is inviting their Mileage Club Members to donate miles as a way to support those affected by Kumamoto's earthquakes. An amount equivalent to the donated miles will be used to support the relief effort with ANA providing the Japanese Red Cross Society. For further details, please visit:

Asiana Airlines also offered a relief fund and goods to Kumamoto for those who are affected by the earthquake.

Flights from the airport remain suspended as damage from the quakes, including the collapse of ceilings in the airport's terminal buildings, meant it was unable to carry out security checks. Several airlines including All Nippon Airways said they will resume flights on Tuesday to help accelerate reconstruction efforts.

More than 500 earthquakes have rocked Kumamoto and other parts of central Kyushu since April 14, 2016.