ANA unveils Star Wars™ R2-D2 Livery for 787-9 Dreamliner aircraft

All Nippon Airways (ANA) announced it would adopt a Star Wars livery, based on the iconic R2-D2, on its newest aircraft 787-9 Dreamliner. This will mark the beginning of a five-year ANA Star Wars™ Project and agreement with The Walt Disney Company (Japan) Ltd., lasting up until 2020. It is the first time a Star Wars character will appear on the exterior of a commercial aircraft. The R2-D2 design was unveiled to Star Wars fans at Star Wars Celebration in Anaheim, California, just months prior to the character's appearance on international flights* in autumn of this year.

A sneak peak video of the new Star Wars livery, released to coincide with a trailer for the latest Star Wars movie, went viral in social media late last week. You can see the movie and get more information on the Star Wars project at ANA said the partnership with Star Wars, beloved by audiences in Japan and around the globe, was a perfect match for its international strategy and that it hoped the project would connect travellers around the world.

"ANA boasts an extensive international network, along with convenient connections between the U.S. and a wide variety of destinations throughout Asia," said Takashi Shiki, ANA Executive Vice President, Sales & Marketing. “Although it's a lofty goal, we hope that like Star Wars, ANA will become well known and loved across all borders and generations. The R2-D2 motif works well with ANA's blue logo design on the aircraft's fuselage, and many people associate R2-D2 with competent and reliable service—also hallmarks of ANA's 5-star service. We are particularly delighted to introduce this collaboration now as we prepare to launch our new international service from Tokyo to Houston in June, making it our 10th North American destination. Through the introduction of the new Star Wars livery we hope to welcome more passengers from around the world to experience ANA as the Inspiration of Japan."

* Routes and flights operated by the aircraft with Star Wars livery have not been determined.

-- Passaree Tanphaichitr