Optimizing customer experience at Narita International Airport

NARITA, Tokyo, April 29, 2016 - Employees at Narita International Airport (NRT) successfully carried out an extensive trial of new passenger processes that are due to be introduced in early June. In addition to counter relocation, the change will introduce a greater level of automation to the check-in procedures, allowing customers to take more control of this stage of their journey.

The trial, completed in 2 hours, was carefully managed between Star Alliance NRT and HQ teams to ensure that 18 airlines, 150 check-in agents, 130 airline staff and 120 Narita Airport Authority (NAA) employees acting as passengers, were able to test 850 check-in scenarios and process 500 bags. All involved were eager to ensure that the deliverable were met and that all details were taken care of.

Positive outcomes of the dry run were:

  • No major system issues were encountered
  • Baggage system performed well
  • No issues raised on wayfinding and signage

The airlines were tremendously pleased with the result which raised confidence that such processes can be implemented in Narita and elsewhere.

This project will be launched for customers on June 2.

-- Sara Macías