Star Alliance and Heathrow Airport further enhance customer experience at T2

LONDON, Nov 23 - Passengers connecting through Heathrow Terminal 2 | The Queen’s Terminal can now benefit from a faster transfer experience, thanks to an improved journey through Terminal 2B (T2B).
The new facility enables passengers whose flights arrive and depart at T2B to pass through security within the same concourse, providing a more convenient and faster travel experience. This allows them to make better use of their time on the ground between flights.
The dedicated security check-point means Star Alliance member airlines and Heathrow can now work together to deliver a more seamless transition for transferring passengers through optimised aircraft stand allocation. This means inbound aircraft can be allocated a stand close to the departing aircraft and passengers will only need to walk a matter of steps for their next flight.
Christian Draeger, Vice President Customer Experience, Star Alliance commented: “It is our objective to provide passengers with the best possible Alliance travel experience at Heathrow Terminal 2. A special emphasis is on optimising the transfer experience through the airport which is served by more Star Alliance member carriers than any other. Having all member carriers located in the same terminal has allowed us to reduce the minimum connecting time between flights and with the additional security in T2B, transfers via Heathrow Terminal 2 are becoming even more convenient and attractive for our customers.”
Simon Eastburn, Director of Airline Business Development for Heathrow said: “Terminal 2 B is now a much faster transfer experience for Star Alliance customers. Our improvements to the connection process means passengers have much more time to relax and enjoy ‘me’ time with our beauty bar or to grab a cup of coffee and some gifts for their family. This enhances the already Award-Winning airport service Terminal 2 delivers for our passengers.”