Star Alliance CSC Turkey holds Online Travel Agency Training Seminar in Ankara

FRANKFURT, January 18 - In December, the Turkey Country Steering Council (CSC) held a travel trade seminar in the capital of Ankara, with over 50 travel agents in attendance. The event was aimed at keeping the agency partners updated about Star Alliance Products & Services, in particular the Star Alliance Fare Products. The Turkish-language version of the “Online Travel Agency Training" program was also launched at the event, with an associated prize competition. Many agents engaged actively in the Q&A session, exchanging ideas about various topics such as RTW tickets, mileage, ticketing matters and luggage handling etc.

The event was successfully concluded with a lucky draw session and two winning agency representatives were each presented two sets of return tickets to Egypt, sponsored by Egypt Air. All participants also received branded gifts at the end of the Seminar.

“We felt it was important to reach out to the Ankara trade community, and to raise Star Alliance's brand awareness in the Turkish capital, delivering a message of cooperation between member airlines under the Star umbrella," CSC Turkey chairman, Gayret Yüksel, highlighted.

-- Vienna Tang