Star Alliance holds 2-day Customer Relations course in Frankfurt

FRANKFURT, 17 February - Star Alliance offered a special 2-day Customer Relations session in Frankfurt to train key customer relations representatives of its member carriers on how to work together to handle issues raised by the Star Alliance customer.

These sessions, designed with a Train the Trainer element in mind, focused on procedures and the handling of customer issues that have a specific Alliance angle, such as where two or more carriers are involved. More than 20 participants from 11 member airlines (LX, OU, LO, AC, JP, LH, TG, OS, TP, SA, A3) shared their actual experiences and approach across different cultures.

Star Alliance arranges these trainings in close cooperation with the carriers' Training Departments, and the actual classroom session is run by trainers from member carriers, which also ensures the training covers a wide number of perspectives. Michelle Carew (AC), Ivana Januṧić (OU), Bezawit Tassew (ET) and Levonne Davidson (UA) are the current carrier team working on the program.

Two further sessions of this very popular customer relations training are set to run in Bangkok and Chicago in early March.

-- Sara Macías