TAP promotes traditional Portuguese handicraft in their airplanes

LISBON, February 14 - To celebrate Valentine's day, on Sunday, February 14, headrests on most TAP planes were dressed with Valentine's scarves from Vila Verde in the north of Portugal, made by Cooperativa Aliança Artesanal. The embroidered lovers' scarf is a traditional Portuguese craft dating back to the 18th century, typical of this region of the North of the country.

Valentine's day was also celebrated in various TAP destinations in the world through a contest run through social media networks.The first 10 couples who arrived to the airports of Lisbon and Porto on February 14th, dressed as brides and grooms, and found a TAP flight attendant wearing the Valentine's scarf around her neck, immediately embarked on flights to Natal, Rome, Paris, London, Madrid, Amsterdam, Funchal and Ponta Delgada.

Did you know that back in the day, girls would embroider scarves as a way of asking a boy to be her boyfriend?

-- Sara Macías