Taipei Airport Team wins 2014 Asia Priority Baggage Delivery Award

The Taipei Star Alliance Airport Team (SAAT) has won the 2014 Asia Priority Baggage Delivery Award (PBD), awarded to the most improved station in each region when compared with average Online Customer Satisfaction Survey results (OSCC).

In the Asia-Pacific region, there are 8 PBD stations -- Bangkok, Hong Kong, Incheon, Narita, Beijing, Singapore, Shenzhen and Taipei. The Taipei station received the highest score among the 8 PBD stations in the Asia-Pacific region this year with 92.8. The team also showed the best improvement in the region with a gain of 9.8 percentage points. This performance was the strongest globally, securing them a second award, the Golden Bag Trophy.

Lisa Yang, Star Alliance Regional Director, Asia Pacific presented the trophies to Y.Y. Chen, the Star Alliance Coordinator for Taipei and EVA's EVP for the airport division. Lisa commented, “Mr. Chen reviewed baggage performance on a regular basis with his baggage managers and communicated with their ground handler company whenever any deviation in trend came up. Their constant focus and efforts resulted in this tremendous PBD achievement within Star network."

Priority Baggage Delivery -- making sure that bags of priority customers are among the first on the belt -- is a major work plan item for all of SAATs to ensure that Star Alliance most valued customers receive consistent baggage handling services wherever they travel.

-- Passaree Tanphaichitr