Connections Centres

Star Alliance Connection Centres (SCC) ensure timely and smooth transfers of bags and passengers when connections are tight, this alleviate the distress to customers of missing their connection themselves or arriving at their destination without their bags.

These centres, currently in operation at 11 major hubs, actively look for “at risk" connections, automatically tracking real-time passenger and baggage information on arriving flights. They step in to speed the transfer process when the connection time drops below a certain threshold, typically because the customer's inbound flight is delayed.

This may include meeting customers when they get off the plane to ensure they enjoy a quick and smooth transfer or, in some airports, speeding the bags directly from one aircraft to the next.

Björn Hartmann, Manager Customer Experience, is responsible for supporting the connection centres from Star Alliance HQ. “Customers really appreciate it when our SCC staff meet them at arrival and assist them to connect to their transfer flight." Hartmann said. “Especially saving their bags from being left behind requires big efforts behind the scenes. Being the invisible helper in need motivates our SCC staff every day."

Star Alliance Connection Centres can be found in:

- Chicago O' Hare: only expedite bags

- Denver: only expedite bags

- Frankfurt: expedite bags and passengers

- Houston: expedite bags and passengers

- London Heathrow: only expedite bags

- Los Angeles: only expedite bags

- Munich: expedite bags and passengers

- Newark: only expedite bags

- San Francisco: only expedite bags

- Toronto: only expedite bags

- Washington Dulles: only expedite bags