Easy Connections

It is of ultimate importance for Star Alliance to offer easy connections to its customers – so that they can transfer quickly and easily from one carrier to another.

Star Alliance and its member carriers are constantly innovating to better meet the needs of customers as they connect across the network.

These needs and expectations are:

  • Smooth check-in at the start of the journey, at which they receive all boarding cards for any onward flights
  • Fast and efficient bag connections, with the bag checked through to the final destination
  • Easy and efficient transfers when they change planes during their journey
  • Optimised customer experience – to make sure they are well taken care of from the moment they arrive at the airport until they and their bags arrive at their final destination

Good working relationships between the employees (and ground handlers) of our airlines in the airport are very important for a smooth connection process. To help this, Star Alliance HQ has worked with the member carriers to develop Move under one Roof (MouR) projects at major airports around the world. This means, for example, that check-in desks are co-located in the same terminal or part of the terminal. In some locations, our member airlines share common ticketing and check-in counters, as well as lounges, baggage facilities and other services.

Co-location makes it easier for customers of different Star Alliance member carriers to transfer between flights as they fly into and depart from the same terminal, and so do not need to worry about terminal changes, which also helps reduce the minimum connection time. This all means customers can travel easily to all destinations across the network and so enjoy the best customer experience.