Star Alliance Silver

Before frequent flyers achieve their Gold status, they can enjoy Star Alliance benefits by qualifying for Silver Status.

You can recognise a Silver status customer in your reservation system's Passenger Name Records (PNR) which indicate customer's status with a '/S'. In Departure Control System, the customer's tier level is indicated with '*S'. On the boarding passes look for the format 'XX*S' as Airline Star Alliance Silver (XX is the two-letter airline code).

Star Alliance Silver customers are entitled to a standard set of benefits whenever they fly on any Star Alliance carrier.

The benefits are as follows:

  • Priority Reservations Waitlisting

If there aren't any seats available on their preferred flight, we ensure that they are given higher priority on the waiting list.

  • Priority Airport Standby

If their travel plans change and flights are full, their Star Alliance Silver status ensures they are given higher priority when standing by for a flight at the airport.

We are always looking for ways to improve services throughout the Star Alliance network to give our customers the very best experience when they travel.

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