Corporate Plus

Corporate Plus is the Star Alliance all-in-one global business travel solution for multinational corporations that have travel needs that exceed the capabilities of a single carrier or have regular travel needs to destinations around the world. Corporate Plus allows the customer to combine a minimum of three Star Alliance carriers into just one agreement. This means he avoids multiple contracts, and benefits from a simple process and streamlined communications that will save him administrative time and money.

The advantage for our member airlines is that the corporation will usually opt to fly with Star Alliance carriers.

“Star Alliance Corporate Plus is an all-in-one solution for corporate travel when in need of a truly global network," said Mariale Peralta, Manager Corporate Sales Operations.

The product offers the following advantages:

  • One contract covers all Star Alliance member carriers and results in only one negotiation.
  • One single agreement – tailored to the customer's specific needs – replaces multiple individual airline agreements.
  • Legal contract agreed with one airline partner on behalf of all participating carriers
  • One contact for price negotiation
  • Corporations will receive one set of reports with simplified performance tracking based on information received directly from our member carriers

A corporation may be eligible for Corporate Plus if it has:

  • A dedicated travel management or procurement function
  • A mandated travel policy
  • The ability to consolidate travel spend and provide the appropriate data to the participating carriers

In order to find out more about Star Alliance Corporate Plus and the benefits it can generate for your airline and your customers please contact us at