Meetings Plus

Meetings Plus is designed for travel to corporate meetings involving participants from at least three different countries. Just one agreement covers all Star Alliance participating carriers, with a single point of contact overseeing all the necessary bookings. Participants in a Meetings Plus deal benefit from worldwide discounts of between 4% and 20% depending on the booking class.

“Meetings Plus makes it more cost-effective and productive for our customers to bring people across the world together for a meeting. The motto is: Take the smarter route for your worldwide meetings," said Tushar Bhagat, Manager Strategy, Alliance Fare Products.

An event is eligible for Meetings Plus if:

· A minimum of 50 international participants are expected to attend

· Attendees are travelling from at least three different countries (not including the meeting destination)

· There is a minimum of 60 days lead time to the start date

· A travel agency will be assigned to issue the tickets for the meeting

· The assigned travel agency is able to submit the tracked revenue figures after the meeting

· Travel to the meeting is hosted/managed

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