Redeem miles or points with Star Alliance

Do you know how our frequent flyers redeem their miles or points on Star Alliance member airlines flights? If they wish to spend their miles or points on another Star Alliance member airline, they need to contact their frequent flyer programme service centre directly (not the airline they wish to travel on).

How to redeem miles or points:

Flight awards

Frequent flyers can use their accumulated miles or points to travel to any destination.

Star Alliance flight awards offer frequent flyers the ability to book multi-carrier, multi-segment award travel on a single ticket, providing more options and greater flexibility. Round the World award itineraries are also available. Frequent flyers should review the Star Alliance redemption seat award chart for Star Alliance flights which they will find at their frequent flyer website to see how many miles or points are required.

Flight upgrades

Frequent flyers can also use their miles or points to upgrade one service class when flying with any of the member airlines through the Star Alliance Upgrade Awards.