How to...? Round the World fare details

Airfare Conditions:

The total airfare of the journey is determined by the total mileage, the point of origin of the ticket and the class of service, including applicable fees, taxes and surcharges. There are four possible maximum permitted mileage levels 26,000 miles (Special Economy and Special Business only), 29,000 miles, 34,000 miles or 39,000 miles.

Special Economy fares are not applicable if the journey starts in Japan.

Please advise travellers to contact any Star Alliance member ticketing office or their travel agent for details or use the Star Alliance Book and Fly tool to plan and book their trip.


As an Alliance of 28 airlines, Star Alliance is in a unique position to offer customers the possibility of travelling around the world on a single ticket. The total price of an RTW ticket is dependent on class of travel, the precise itinerary, mileage and routing selected, as well as currency exchange rate fluctuations.

Class Fare Basis Maximum mileage Minimum Stopovers Maximum Stopovers Minimum Stay (days) Maximum Stay (months)
FIRST FRWSTAR3 39,000 2 15 10 12
FRWSTAR2 34,000 2 15 10 12
FRWSTAR1 29,000 2 15 10 12
BUSINESS CRWSTAR3 39,000 2 15 10 12
CRWSTAR2 34,000 2 15 10 12
CRWSTAR1 29,000 2 15 10 12
CRWSPCL 26,000 3 15 10 12
PREMIUM ECONOMY ERWSTAR3 39,000 2 15 10 12
ERWSTAR2 34,000 2 15 10 12
ERWSTAR1 29,000 2 15 10 12
ECONOMY YRWSTAR3 39,000 2 15 3 12
YRWSPCL3 39,000 3 12 10 12
YRWSTAR2 34,000 2 15 3 12
YRWSPCL2 34,000 3 10 10 12
YRWSTAR1 29,000 2 15 3 12
YRWSPCL1 29,000 3 7 10 12
YRWSPCL 26,000 3 5 10 12

Stopover: A stopover is defined as a stay of more than 24 hours.
Minimum Stay: Duration of travel between first international sector (intercontinental sector respectively, if travel started in Europe) and last international sector.
Maximum Stay: Travel from last international sector must commence within one year after departure from the fare origin. A shorter maximum period may be prescribed for short-term promotional fares.

For travel starting in Australia or New Zealand, there is no minimum stay required for First and Business Class Fares. For Economy & Premium Economy Class Fares, the travel on the last international sector must start no earlier than 7 days after the first international sector started.

Departure and Termination:

Travellers can depart and terminate their journey in any country served by any Star Alliance member carrier, provided that the routing starts and ends in the same country. The itinerary may reflect travel greater than Round the World if it is not via the point of origin and still terminates in the country of origin.

In addition, the itinerary must include only one transatlantic and only one transpacific crossing. Such intercontinental sector may be a surface sector provided the mileage for any land segments is included in the total mileage calculation. In the entire journey not more than one crossing is permitted between Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific.

Advance Planning:

Reservations must be made at least 24 hours before departure for sectors up to and including the first international sector. Further segments of the journey may be booked at any time.

For journeys originating in Europe, reservations however must be made at least 24 hours before departure for sectors up to and including the first intercontinental sector. Subsequent segments of the journey may be booked at any time. Further exceptions may apply.

Children and Infant Discounts:


Infant Discount
(0-2yrs of age, not occupying a seat)

Child Discount
(2-11yrs of age)


10% of adult fare*

75% of adult fare*

Premium Economy

10% of adult fare*

75% of adult fare*


10% of adult fare*

No Discount


10% of adult fare*

No Discount

* All applicable fees, taxes and surcharges must also be paid.

Children and infants must be accompanied on all sectors in the same cabin by an adult passenger paying the full Round the World fare.

Baggage Allowance:

Economy and premium economy classes of travel allows 1 piece of baggage at the weight of 20 kg, business class travel allows for 2 pieces at a combined weight of 30kg and first class 2 pieces at a combined weight of 40kg.

Special Meal Request:

Travellers should be advised to discuss their special meals and all other dietary options with the operating carrier at least 24 hours before each flight.

Seat Request:

Seat request and other requests such as wheelchair booking will be handled by the operating carriers of each flight.

Mileage Accrual:

Star Alliance Frequent Flyers can accrue miles on qualifying flights operated by a Star Alliance carrier. Mileage accrual is subject to the terms and conditions of the Frequent Flyer programme you are a member with.


A Round the World journey must:

  • Have minimum 2 stops
  • Cross the Atlantic Ocean once
  • Cross the Pacific Ocean once
  • Start and end in the same country